Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Earrings and Photo Editing

Below are some pictures of my new hydrangea earrings with a tiny cubic zirconia in the center.  I am not putting these on etsy yet, I am saving them for the HandmadeMN show on May 8th.  I am experimenting with my photos, working hard to improve my pictures.  Although the difference appear much more subtle on this blog, each photo is a little different.  What do you think?  Which one looks the best?
How about the photos of these sage leaf earrings?  I think they needed more light.  You can see the fabulous blue and purple patina very well. 

Here some of the other new earrings I made last weekend.  Do you have a favorite?

The left pair have rose quartz cabochons and the pair on the right have faceted black spinel cabs, all with handmade ear wires.  The last pair are hand sculpted little flowers.

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