Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Busy, Buusy Bee

Buzz Buzz Necklace in Fine Silver (PMC).

I am desperately trying to get everything done in time for my craft show in Uptown (Minneapolis) this weekend.  I am always worried that, I won't have enough product, not the right price points, or that something will generally go wrong.  I even had a nightmare last night about the various things that could go wrong (including a snowstorm in May so no one came, I forgot my tablecloths and risers, and I met the teacher from Glee and my husband got jealous and refused to help me set up my tables).  None of these things are likely to happen, and I know I just need to go with the flow.  Last night I did complicated formulations to arrive at what I think are more fair pricing levels for my pieces, based on the level of design and difficulty involved.  Some pieces went up in price, some down.  I'll be putting my shop in vacation mode soon, in case the one of a kind pieces sell at the craft show.  So if there is anything you have been keeping an eye on, get it now.   

Since I won't be posting any new items before the show, check out the boro (Borosilicate) beads from Harold Williams Cooney on ebay.  I love the colors you get on boro beads and have collected a number of them at shows and stores over the years.  These are blown glass as opposed to lampwork.  According to Kate McKinnon, Cooney is auctioning off beads (you must check these out) to raise money for the Bead and Button show, my favorite event of the year.  On second thought, I might bid on some myself.  So don't check them out, you might outbid me.   

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